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We believe self sovereign identity will transform the way individuals and businesses interact on the web.

Pyxis Edge is an accelerator backing startups using self sovereign identity to scale global innovation. We believe great ideas, great delivery partners and great fiscal control equals less risk, better products and more opportunity for higher returns for our investment partners.

Latest News

March 2019 –Pyxis Edge and Capgemini UK announce innovation collaboration

Pyxis Edge, a new style hybrid accelerator, is pleased to announce that it will be working with Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, as an approved delivery partner to Pyxis Edge to develop solutions for its carefully selected innovations. Press Release (https://tinyurl.com/yy4ydblu

April 2019 –Pyxis Edge and Crowdcube announce partnership

Pyxis Edge, a hybrid accelerator focusing on digital identity and fintech, is delighted to partner with CrowdCube, the experts in equity crowd funding. Crowdcube were named the top UK investor for the number of businesses funded in 2018, according to independent data from Beauhurst, allowing investors early access to great British and European businesses.

Current Projects

We believe Self Sovereign Identity will positively disrupt the way individuals, businesses and governments interact on a global scale. There are substantial opportunities for startups, delivery and investment partners to focus on these technologies. Please contact us for more details.

KYC / AML solution (fintech)

The cost of KYC to the financial industry exceeds $1billion annually across the globe. The implementation of self sovereign identity will dramatically reduce the burden on banks, making it far easier to identify counterparties, correlate associations and report on AML concerns automatically. This project would appeal to investment funds focusing on fintech.

Banking Customer Identity (fintech)

Self sovereign identity improves customer security, user experience and reduces the operational burden on institutions. Multiple product extensions can be build to leverage these benefits, including new ways to operate credit. This project would appeal to investment funds focusing on fintech.

Self Sovereign Escrow (fintech)

An escrow service using self sovereign identity. A market size in excess of £800m in the UK alone which, with a relatively small investment raise will disrupt the house buying process and generate substantial opportunities for exit. This project would appeal to investment funds focusing on fintech.

Digital Identity in Communications (social / fintech)

This project uses sovereign identity to provide a solution for spam, phishing and to help social media platforms avoid harsh regulations which are seeming more likely due to hate speech, fake news, posting of inappropriate content etc. It allows governments and businesses to protect their citizens and clients from fraud. It allows families to protect their dependents from communication which is potentially fraudulent or harmful. This is a single technology solution with four very large channel extensions and ongoing global revenue streams, based on an exchange model. This project would appeal to all types of investors, especially social impact and philanthropists. 

Sovereign Recruitment (social)

This project has great potential for a JV with a world leading recruitment agency. This patent pending service can allow a world class agency to protect their position, drive digital revenue and  provide their clients (organisations and candidates) with fantastic benefits. This will make employment process far easier for everyone, making employment far more efficient and helping to make the economy more productive. This project would appeal to investors who want to hedge exposure during downturns, when more candidates actively seek employment.

Automotive (social / fintech / public sector)

This self sovereign identity project has three channel extensions which can provide benefits to the public sector, businesses and end users. The projects are already gaining momentum through our partner network and address convenience, security, and new ways of working which will make our use of transport easier for the future. There are still opportunities for institutional investors to participate in this project.


Investment partners – Please contact us for more details.



Our mission is to drive amazing innovation which benefits both society and our members.

World class creative and technical partners review and bid to deliver our innovative startup’s ideas. This means governance, technical and creative risk are reduced and the startup can reach market and scale faster.

We help mentor our startups, coaching them with techniques and disciplines which make them operate efficiently and can maximize their company’s value as they grow or exit.

Investors have less risk and can track the progress of the work, knowing their their investment is only released when progress is reached against a schedule of work. After the product launch, we help our innovators scale further, access network partners, raise more investment or help provide an exit strategy for our investors.

For investment or delivery partner enquiries, please contact us.


Several times per year we will review the best innovation and determine if it has the potential to make impressive returns. We will invite the innovation to be reviewed by our delivery partners who can estimate the cost of technical and creative delivery. We then help the innovators secure funding, so we can help bring their product to market and either help scale or provide exit strategies for investors.


We only offer our service to the most astute, top-tier investors who seek impressive returns but want to de-risk their investment, by backing innovation which already has due diligence and delivery agreed with our world class technical and creative delivery partners. We manage the process and help investment managers, especially UHNWI, HNWI, family Office and top-tier funds have better return on investment whilst mitigating risk.


World class technical, creative and service delivery, these corporations and large companies have a proven track record in enterprise scale work. We allow them to be centres of excellence, working with the latest and most innovative technologies and thought leaders. Partners benefit by generating revenue and providing their staff with the most exciting, challenging and rewarding projects to work on, helping prevent attrition and building new capabilities in-house.

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