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We believe digital identity and token economics will transform the way individuals and businesses interact. 

News – Disrupting a $400 billion annual market

What happens when you mix:


YOU DISRUPT A $400 billion annual market.

Our Fintech is launching recruitment agencies globally which gift 100% net placement fees (our profits) back to the worker and society. Although this seems like a bad idea for a business, we believe we have a rare opportunity to make great returns for investors as well as providing huge benefits for society. Through gifting wealth and security into society we can stimulate consumer demand, drive business demand and help the economy recover. This is a global opportunity and we invite governments, philanthropists, investors and business owners to contact us to find out why we can provide so much opportunity for them, whilst doing so much good for society. 

We gift 100% net agency fees to society to help families recapitalise their finances in a sustainable way. Your donations help us expand faster. Please consider donating.


A happy, wealthy middle class is vital as it provides insurance for the poor (through tax collection) and insulation for the rich (by preventing extremism and social unrest). 

In the last few decades the middle class has been hollowed out and now governments around the world are trapped into printing money to support businesses with no consumer demand.

We can recapitalise society by gifting billions globally using our recruitment (and other agencies).



Why does time-to-hire take so long after you receive an offer? You want to get paid, not wait around for an inefficient administration process whilst having to provide lots of documents.

We’re working on a service that keeps all of your right-to-work and documentation up to date and in your possession. You will be able to start work within days of an offer being made. More money in your pocket, sooner.




Finding a job is hard and when you’re not even looking you can get bothered by agents. Everyone wants a more efficient way to match jobs, whilst maintaining privacy.  

We put you in control. Your skills will be digitally signed by your employers, so they are verifiable. Matching new jobs becomes easier and more trustworthy benefitting employers and workers.




This video may help explain how self sovereign identity works. It’s one of the core technologies, defined by the W3C that will bring trust to the Internet. We are using self sovereign identity to create the wallet you can use to keep your data secure. We’re also using verifiable credentials to provide assurance that the claims you make can be trusted. Together with token economics, we believe the way individuals and businesses will change bringing in a new Web 3.0.


Our mission is to drive amazing innovation which benefits both society and our members.

World class creative and technical partners review and bid to deliver our innovative startup’s ideas. This means governance, technical and creative risk are reduced and the startup can reach market and scale faster. Therefore, investors and users have less technological and market risks.


Several times per year we will review the best technology trends, innovations and innovators and determine if potential exists to make impressive returns. We commit our own time and money in everything we do.


We only offer our service to the most astute, top-tier investors who seek impressive returns but want to de-risk their investment, by backing innovation which already has due diligence and delivery agreed with our world class technical and creative delivery partners. 


World class technical, creative and service delivery, these corporations and large companies have a proven track record in enterprise scale work. We allow them to be centres of excellence, working with the latest and most innovative technologies and thought leaders. 

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